Sunny Slope Hounds

Once you have owned Wolfhounds, you will have started a true love affair with one of the world's most  wonderfully tempered dogs.  The Irish Wolfhound was officially recognized by the AKC in 1897.  Historically, old Irish literature calls this hound the "Great Hounds of Ireland" or the "Wolfdogs of Ireland."   The official name reflects their early history, when they were used for wolf hunting and as warriors on the battle fields in the old Irish period AD 600-900. 

Prized by nobles and royalty, one of the treasured tales is based upon "Gelert," a hound who is said to have been mistakenly killed by Llewellyn, the Prince of Wales  in the 1200's.  This legend credits Gelert with the highest devotion and loyalty, still befitting to the breed.  As the tale goes, Llewellyn immediately misjudged the absence of his son in his cradle and the bloody face of his hound, when he drew his sword and killed Gelert on the spot.  The dying howl of Gelert brought forth the cry of his son, who was hidden under the disheveled bedding behind a drapery.  Sadly, it was then that Llewellyn learned that Gelert had killed a wolf who was lying dead beside the unharmed child. 

Tales of Irish Wolfhounds

Learn about the Winnuncan Project

IRISH WOLFHOUND PUPPIES - The Winnuncan Project is a long-awaited litter of Wolfhounds, with "Winnie" and "Duncan." 

The sire is Duncan of Sunny Slope, and he hales from the lovely state of Kansas.  His pedigree is Dam Macy Queen of Ace of Spade Ranch KS and Sire Grimm Rea Payeur. 

The Dam is "Winnie", Cu Gelerts Branwyn's Gale,  Her pedigree is Dam Celtic Ode's Cierra Rose and Sire Desert Wind's Maximus Gelert.

Irish Wolfhounds